In Loving Memory

Sweet Doris Rich


 Doris Rich passed from this life on  October 31, 2018. She was a remarkable woman who wore many hats. Literally! Her life was celebrated at Unity Church of San Marcos on November 9th in our sanctuary full of family, friends, neighbors and many Unity voyagers. We will miss you  Doris-your sweet smile, your wisdom, your hats and scarves(!) and YOU!

Carl Schreiber is Loving Kindness



Carl was a long-time member and served in many capacities as a board member, lawn upkeep guy, fixit man and lovely father to Sophie, his pug!

Carl was integrity. Carl was truth itself. He was a quiet man and didn’t need to use words to converse with others. Carl understood how to “Be”.

When I remember all the “First Sunday Potlucks” that we sat next to one another, I relive the last stanza of a Wallace Stevens poem: “Out of this same light, out of the central mind.  We make a dwelling in the evening air In which being there together is enough.”

Lucille Bading


 June 08, 1924 - December 18, 2018 

Lucille was a very important, actually she was a necessary soul, in Unity of San Marcos. Lucille had been involved with the Unity Church since 1961 when Catherine Ponder founded Unity of


Lucille was Kind and Generous, Loving and Courageous. She was a true Renaissance Woman for her time. She served on the draft board-selective service board- in Texas at an early age; she founded two companies, one an employment agency; and she volunteered faithfully at the Seguin Animal Shelter.

We love you Lucille!